Questions For My Future Self



Do you still visit your parents? I hope you do. Be sure to go home as often as you can, even if life gets busy. Treasure any time you still have with them.

If you did marry, is he kind? Did you make sure to choose someone who fights for you every day and never gives up? If you did, I hope you show him the same love back.

Are you a good Aunt to your sisters kids? Make sure they know you love them, treat them as your own, after all, that’s what she would do for yours.

Speaking of kids, did you have any? If so, are you consciously trying to be like your own mother in regards to how you raise them? I hope so, because we both know she’s the ultimate guide to how to love sacrificially. Mirror her actions and remember to always put others before yourself.

Do you still call your dad to ask for his advice? I’m almost positive you do, and I encourage you to never stop. After all he’s the only man whose loved you all your life. Memorize his wisdom and keep it close to you forever.

Did you find a way to immortalize your dog? If not, I hope you gave him all the love you could for the time he was here, snuck him an extra treat every now and then just because. No other living thing will ever think you are as cool as he thought you were. Remember to remember him often.

Are you still friends with those people you had in your life in your twenties? Make peace with any that are gone, anyone you hurt or were hurt by. Hold on to the ones that lasted. They are real in a world full of uncertainty.

How have you grown through the years? Did you finally learn how your words can hurt? I hope you’ve become better and stronger over time. Kinder to everyone you meet, and able to own your mistakes and take the steps needed to repair damage you’ve done and do better going forward.

Do you still rely on God? Please don’t forget to keep Him with you. Never be too busy to thank Him for your blessings, and continue to allow Him to use you any way He sees fit.

I just hope you’re doing well. I’m proud of you. Keep going. Keep growing.

Also, don’t cut your hair just because you feel you have to. Hopefully by now it’s socially acceptable to keep it long… even as you age πŸ™‚

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  1. What a super, super enjoyable read. You got me thinking on so many levels! This post has relevance for anyone, and that is a great contribution to all! Thank you. I might even write a letter as well. Forget that I am 52, that’s young in the eyes of eternity, right?

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