Trust In Him

I have to admit I’m really bad at trusting God. I claim to follow him, and although I try to, I really fail in this area. To me, it’s easier to say I trust Gods plan for my life, but much harder to actually follow through and rest in that trust.

I want to control everything. I want to know what’s going to happen to me. What I should do for a career, what I should do in terms of my dating life, my family and friend relationships and ultimately how I should spend my time.

Am I in the right place? Doing the right things? Am I missing out on something or not taking opportunities I should be?

All of these thoughts weaken my ultimate trust I should have in Gods plan for my life.

I do think we should be proactive and hardworking towards our goals and aspirations, however, to think we can control all of it will surely lead us to feelings of disappointment and confusion. We tend to feel lost a lot of the time.

If you are anything like me you probably want to know what is going to happen with your life. You want to know who you will marry, what you will do, and if what you do will be anything significant or worth remembering.

I think God wants us to trust Him. I think He wants us to lean into Him with every facet of our being. Maybe we need to fully trust in His plan. Maybe we need to rest in the fact that He will take care of us.

The most important relationship to work on is the relationship with our creator.  That is my daily struggle, putting time into things that aren’t anywhere near as important. I can’t be who I was mean’t to be, unless I’m tapping into the power God has in store for me though faith and trust in Him.

My new resolution is to put these beliefs into practice. I want to actually work on the lack of trust I give to God. I think this will be a daily battle for me, and I will fail a lot of the times, but maybe practice is what I need.

Maybe I can eventually get it right.

I hope you are all well. Leave me a comment, let me know something you need to give up to God. Put it in His hands and let’s trust that He will ultimately do the most good for those who trust in Him.

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