Too Faced Lip Injection – Review Time!


I’m trying a new thing on here where I’m going to share some beauty reviews and tips and tricks. I thought it would only be fitting to do my first review on how to get big lips, like your girl Kylie K. So here we go, if you are ready to conform to society and do whatever Kylie does then you are in luck! I’m going to show you how.

I picked up Too Faced’s Lip Injection in hopes that it would fulfill all of my dreams to have big lips that made me look pouty as if my boyfriend had just broken up with me. Much to my surprise it did!

Here are some pictures of my results. I’m a rookie and didn’t take a “before” picture, but just trust me, ok girl? It made my lips bigger for sure!

(I apply the gloss first before any other lip product.) I then give it a few minutes to sting my lips and hurt them bad enough to where they swell (bee venom ingredient,) and… Wah La! I have big pouty lips. I then apply lipstick / lipgloss, whatever I feel like putting on that day.

Final thoughts: the product works REALLY well. It will make your lips bigger. The effect lasts for around an hour or two, and then you have to reapply. The only downside is the stinging, it doesn’t necessarily feel good but then again, beauty is pain right? The gloss costs around $20 – $25, depending on where you buy.

I recommend you try it, just be prepared for a little pain, and make sure you take all of your Insta selfies within that one to two hour time -frame because… just like Cinderella…. the magic eventually wears off!



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