Fathers Day

Sometimes I get angry when I see the way dads are depicted on TV. The ones that don’t know what to do and completely lose their minds when the mom leaves them alone with THEIR babies. It’s like this big joke where we all point and laugh at the dads and roll our eyes like “men, they just don’t know how to do it.”

That’s always been so weird to me. My mom said when I was a little wee one my dad would do everything she would do for me. Change my diapers, clean up after me when I puked on him, feed me and console me when I was uncontrollably crying like all babies do. He never “babysat” me, he just raised me. And amazingly at that.

I have a great dad, and we had a great day together. He is truly the best man I have ever known, and that’s not just a biased opinion. He is a natural caretaker and the wisest man. I love him.

(also, brooke beanz, my sister)




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