Enchanted Rock & Magical Things

Enchanted Rock is the story of a young Spanish soldier, Don Jesús Navarro, and his rescue of an Indian maiden named Rosa. He met and fell in love with Rosa, a Christian daughter of the Indian chief Tehuan.  Rosa was kidnapped by a band of Comanche’s bent on sacrificing her to the spirits of Enchanted Rock. Pretty wild huh? Her courageous lover tracked them there and managed to rescue her just as she was about to be sacrificed to the big pink rock. It is said that the two lover’s souls still remain on the highest point of the rock today.

Isn’t that sweet? Although I didn’t find any dashing or daring soldiers at the top, I had a great time climbing this magnificent landmark. You REALLY need to be in shape to do this, which I am not. However, with a few breaks along the way, and a lot of heavy breathing, I was able to make it to the very top and check out an awesome view! If you are ever in the area, this place is definitely worth stopping at.

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